How is aircraft noise shared between different communities living around Sydney Airport?

The Australian Government’s noise sharing policy – known as the Long Term Operating Plan for Sydney Airport, or the LTOP – has been in place since 1997. It was developed following an extensive community consultation process.

The LTOP is designed to ensure that flights to or from Sydney Airport are maximised over water (i.e. Botany Bay) and non-residential land.  Where overflight of residential areas cannot be avoided the Plan aims to safely share the noise between communities.

The LTOP includes the following noise sharing targets:

  • 17% of flights to the north of the airport
  • 13% of flights to the east of the airport
  • 15% of flights to the west of the airport
  • 55% of movements to the south of the airport (over Botany Bay)

It should however be noted that these LTOP targets are aspirational goals, and are subject to weather and operational requirements.

Sydney Airport’s Master Plan 2039 has been prepared assuming the LTOP remains in place.  It outlines Sydney Airport’s commitment to continue providing and maintaining the necessary on-airport infrastructure to facilitate ongoing implementation of the LTOP.

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