How are Sydney Airport and the aviation industry addressing aircraft noise impacts?

Sydney Airport acknowledges that noise from aircraft operations continues to be one of the most significant environmental issues for people living around airports or underneath or near flight paths. Sydney Airport is therefore committed to working with the community, governments and the aviation industry to manage and mitigate aircraft noise impacts in these areas.

While improvements in technology continue to see next generation aircraft being quieter than the older aircraft types they replace, the increasing frequency of flights has become more of an issue of concern for many in the community.

Some of Sydney Airport’s key initiatives to minimise aircraft noise impacts include:

  • Continuing to provide and maintain the necessary on-airport infrastructure that allows noise sharing to be implemented
  • Investing in infrastructure to support next generation quieter aircraft
  • Working closely with the Australian, NSW and local governments to ensure appropriate planning policies are in place
  • Consulting and engaging with the local community and airlines that use Sydney Airport, such as the Sydney Airport Community Forum

To be implemented, Sydney Airport’s Master Plan 2039 assumes no change to the curfew, no change to the aircraft movement cap, no change to noise sharing arrangements and no change to flight paths.

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